Whistler Cornucopia 2009

This weekend I went up to Whistler with my friends Elaine and Damian to partake in this years Cornucopia. We left after work on Friday and drove up in what seemed like no time at all to their condo in Whistler. The highway is now finished and it was great to have no road closers or construction, I was amazed at how they have landscaped along the way making the road even nicer than I thought was possible.
After arriving at the Regan’s condo we stopped for a nice glass of wine before heading out to Hy’s for dinner. We were greeted at the front door of Hy’s by the manager who promptly had us seated at a very nice window seat. We all ended up ordering the same meal which was a set menu of Caesar salad a 8oz steak and desert. This was all for a flat rate of $49.99 as Hy’s is part of the dinning experience of Cornucopia. It was a great dinner, good wine and lovely company.
Off to bed we went and we had a great sleep in until 9:30am when we got up to head off to the village to try for the final phase of the Olympic tickets. We set our selves up in the Blenz coffee shop that had wireless available. There was an excitement in the air as there were many other people setting themselves up with their laptops as well. We were there from10:00am until 12:30pm and we had no luck getting through to the site. It seemed that everyone else was in the same boat except for one couple that got right in got their tickets and were out the door. During this I time I made phone calls to my daughter and sister in Vancouver, who were having no luck either. Later in the day, talking to my sister she finally got in around 4:30pm with hardly any choices left for tickets.
Elaine and I after giving up on getting any tickets wandered through the village checking out the different stores but not really finding anything that we wanted. We also checked out the art stores and saw some beautiful paintings and carvings. It was fun to just wander around and not feel in any rush to do anything. We went to Ingrid’s deli for a late light lunch in preparation for the big wine tasting event later in the day.
Getting back to the condo and having a little nap we were ready to head out for dinner at the Rim Rock restaurant. We had an amazing dinner. The menu is quite extensive with a wide variety of items to choose from. I picked the Gorgonzola salade, fish cakes and sea bass. It was a great meal that was beautifully presented; the portion size was perfect and the taste excellent. Our server certainly gave us lots of attention making for a perfect dinner.
After dinner we headed back to the condo so that we could take a cab down to the Grand Wine tasting event at the conference center. As we arrived at the event there were throngs of people arriving in evening attire. The crowd was a mix of young and middle age with the most popular item of clothing being the little black dress.
The room was set up beautifully with wines from regions all over the world. We sampled many wines and marked them off in our booklet so we could remember which ones we were enjoying the most. The room was packed with people and the atmosphere was one of excitement and fun. There was also a sampling of cheeses that went very nicely with the wines. We also had a treat of Rogers Chocolates giving out samples. They were very nummy.
We left about 11:30 and headed back to the condo and relaxed before heading off to bed. We got up late and Damian made some great poached eggs. After breakfast we all got into gear and got the condo cleaned up for departure. We left in the early afternoon stopping in Squamish for lunch. In no time we were back in the city and reality set back in.