The World of Club Med

Club Med spans the globe with over 100 villages in 30 countries – each destination offering a stepping stone to discover the wonders of the world and the world of Club Med. Each village is set in the most idyllic location. A world unto itself, everything is readily available and within easy reach. And there’s always our extensive list of sports and activities to choose from.

Wonderment…Our unique family villages are the only places in the world where families can take separate vacations and still be together. Our Baby Club provides extra special attention for infants and toddlers up to the age of two by caring, experienced G.O.s who know all about the toys, songs, activities and nap times for young children. Children are taught new activities under the supervision of G.O.s in a secure environment. Child-size equipment is used for learning circus skills (trapeze, juggling) and much more. Depending on the season, village and number of teenagers present, sports and activities are organized by high-spirited, fun loving G.O.s