Traveling in Thailand

There are so many things to see in Thailand – from beaches to bustling cities and breath taking jungle locations to the many Buddhist temples. Some of the highlights include; Bangkok, hill tribe villages, Khao Sok National Park, Mekong River and Chiang Mai to name but a few.

In Thailand you can volunteer, go on an adventure holiday or backpack and explore during a gap year. Why not combine your trip to Thailand with a visit to Cambodia or Vietnam? Traveling around Asia is relatively cheap and easy—the expensive part is paying for your flight.

Cultural Tips for Thailand: Here are just a few quick tips to make sure you feel at home and don’t inadvertently offend anyone while you are traveling in Thailand.

Be respectful of their religion, be modest, be ready to take your shoes off to go into temples. Avoid making jokes about the Thai royal family. Do not just watch your manners watch your feet – it is rude to put them up or point them at someone. Be particularly respectful of the monks. If you are female be careful not to brush against their robes, even accidentally.

What to take with you to Thailand:

To give you a rough idea of what to take with you when visit Thailand, you will need to think about the following:

Lightweight clothing – it is hot and sunny in a lot of places for most of the year so shorts and t-shirts will be the staple. Having said that, the north of the country gets a little chilly in the winter and you’d be wise to bring a couple of warm things. Flips flops or thongs are comfortable, cool and versatile. If you are going trekking in the jungle you’ll need some sturdy boots.

Waterproofs – just in case you are going to be there in the wet season.

Travel adapter – if you are taking electrical items with you like a hairdryer or phone charger to Thailand they do not use the same plugs so, you will need an adapter.

Sun block and mosquito repellent are both an absolute must!