Trips to Book with a Travel Agent

It may seem cheaper or more practical to book a vacation online, however there are some vacations that should never be book online. Sometimes what appears to be an affordable vacation turns into an expensive nightmare. So when should you not book on the internet? Here are seven vacations to make sure you book with a travel agent.

1. Cruising

Travel agents remain your best bet for a floating vacation. Why? Two main reasons: First, cruise lines give travel agencies access to special deals that you probably won’t find anywhere else. And second, because a cruise can get complicated. There are airline tickets that have to be bought, hotel rooms to be booked, shore excursions and lots of options on the ship. Many times cruise agents will book group space on popular sailings, so they can offer their clients bonuses such as onboard money and champagne toasts. Also, because and agent has booked space on the best cruises, when a website tells you there is no availability the agent may be able to get you on that ship.

2. Traveling around the world

An around-the-world itinerary is usually far more complex than a straight-up roundtrip airline ticket. Never mind the hotel arrangements and activities you’ll want to plan. Travel agents are best suited to these kinds of vacations. Furthermore, many online booking engines won’t allow complex itineraries that go all over the world in a matter of days.

3. When you don’t have the time

If you work with a travel agent who knows your preferences, you might consider outsourcing the research for your next vacation. You end up saving time, rather than money but this may ultimately be more valuable.

4. If you’re uncomfortable with the Inter-Web

If you’re reading this blog online, this probably doesn’t apply to you. People should stay away from booking online if they’ve never done it before, and particularly if their next trip is a special event, like an anniversary or honeymoon. But even if you’ve booked on the Web before, you should think twice before doing it again. If a website looks sketchy, that’s probably because it is.

5. Traveling internationally

A weekend in London is one thing. However, if you’re headed off to a country whose name you can’t pronounce, you probably need to stay off the computer — at least when you book. Find a travel professional that specializes in the place you’re going. An international trip is entirely different than booking a weekend away and you may find you spend more money booking such a trip online, rather than with a travel agent.

6. Doing something exotic

This is for the trips that aren’t for everyone, such as sailing up the coast of British Columbia and Alaska or hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. When you deal with a travel agent, they make sure that you are on a trip that is right for you. They want everyone to be happy, so that next time you’ll book with them again.

7. Special events

A honeymoon, anniversary or class reunion falls into this category. But mostly, a honeymoon. Engaged couples have quite enough to worry about with wedding plans. Therefore the honeymoon should be relaxing, not an added stress or another item on a to-do list that’s much too long to begin with. An agent can make sure your vacation is as close to perfect as it can be, from start to finish.