Five of Vancouvers Top Attractions

1. Granville Island: Be sure to check out Granville Island when you come to Vancouver. Located at the edge of downtown Vancouver, Granville Island was once an industrial area but today is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Shop at the public market or one of the many artsy shops, enjoy performances outdoor musical performances, have a drink at the brewery or a bite at one of the many restaurants.

2. Vancouver’s Beaches: One of the reasons our city is among the most livable in the world is public access to some truly beautiful beaches. You can enjoy this natural amenity in many different ways. Cycle around the ocean, play in the sand with your kids, swim, windsurf, or sail the Pacific. We have special areas that have been cordoned-off for swimming, ensuring maximum lifeguard coverage. One such beach is English Bay. English Bay is located in the West End of downtown Vancouver. This waterside neighborhood is at once lively and quaint and a great spot to walk around, shop or have a drink.

3. Stanley Park: Stanley Park is recognized around the globe as one of the great parks of the world! Vancouver’s first park and one of the city’s main tourist attractions, Stanley Park is an evergreen oasis of 400 hectares close to the downtown core. Its natural west coast atmosphere offering a back drop of majestic cedar, hemlock and fir trees embraces visitors and transports them to an environment rich in tranquility. The park abounds in wildlife and its features appeal to the naturalist, the plant lover or one who would do nothing more than relax in beautiful surroundings.

4. Grouse Mountain: Grouse Mountain is a year-round mountaintop playground that offers hiking, helicopter tours, paragliding, picnics and logging shows, sleigh rides and skiing…and magical views of the city and its surroundings. The Grouse Grind, billed as the world’s biggest stair-climb, is the outdoor venue these days to work out at and to meet new friends. During summer months, hundreds of trim, fresh-faced hikers ascend the steep-sided mountain from its trailhead on the east side of the Grouse Mountain parking lot at the north end of Capilano Road, usually in groups of twos and threes. Mount Fromme, to the east of Grouse Mountain, sports a number of trails that are open to mountain biking, most of which intersect with Old Grouse Mountain Highway.

5. Historic Gastown: Stroll down the cobbled streets, explore its historic buildings, courtyards and mews, enjoy its unique shopping, nightlife, attractions and special events. Established the same year that Canada became a nation, Gastown grew into Canada’s third largest city and one of its most cosmopolitan. But the Gastown district today retains its historic charm, independent spirit and distinctiveness. Gastown is a refreshing mix of old and new, downhome and upscale, a place for tourists, Vancouver residents and office workers alike.