Kid Tested Travel Tips

Kid-Tested Travel Tips

This weekend, I took the kids from Seattle to Victoria – a six hour trip via car and ferry that we have done several times now. We’ve become such seasoned travelers on this route that I thought I’d share a few of our tried and true traveling strategies.

In the Car:

DO keep the kids on their toes. Every tenth time or so that one of them asks “are we there yet?” (on average about four times each fifteen minute interval), change it up by saying “yes!”

DO set the radio to “scan” and suggest the kids try to sing along.

At the Border:

DON’T give in to two-year old’s extended plea to hold his own passport. Border guard will not be amused while you search frantically for it on the floor.

On the Ferry:

DO find good natured seven-year old to chase, tickle, and give piggy back rides to your smaller children.

DO bring extra paper, markers and stickers. Taking these objects out in a crowded area turns you into the ship’s Pied Piper, and is likely to attract good-natured seven year old.

DO bring a few slam dunk distractions for the journey, such as chocolate; if feeding to two-year old in your lap, DO prepare to end up with chocolate in your bra.

DO comment effusively on new parents’ adorable ten week old baby. DON’T tell parents that baby is so cute you’d like to put it in your pocket and take it home. Said parents will eye you suspiciously and immediately change seats.

At Final Destination:

DON’T forget to check in between four-year old’s bed and wall for precious stuffed monkey. DO prepare to spend a fortune having precious stuffed monkey Fed-exed home again.

Upon Arriving Home:

DON’T be surprised when two-year old’s souvenir from trip turns out to be a colorful curse-word. Grandma swears like a trucker*.

*This last may be specific to my own special family unit; but the rest I believe are universally applicable for similar travel routes. Please feel free to share your own kid-tested mother-approved travel strategies!

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