Destinations for Short Adventure Vacations

Looking for an idea for your next adventure vacation? Only have a week to spare? Here are two fabulous adventure destintions!

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Trail dolphins and dodge dirt bikes under ‘Apocalypse Now’ sunsets.

It’s a long way to go for eight nights, but even brief exposure to Cambodia’s anarchic beauty can feel restorative. First, check off the must-sees: Book a guided tuk-tuk trip to the phantasmal ruins of Angkor Wat through the concierge at Viroth’s Hotel in Siem Reap. Next, take a dirt-bike tour of the ancient capital Koh Ker. A four-hour, $10 bus ride gets you to Kratie, home to over 50 endangered Irrawaddy freshwater dolphins. Two hundred miles down the Mekong River, in Phnom Penh, Colonial style waits at the Pavilion. Grab a bowl of fried rice at the Russian Market in the Boeng Kak lake district and flag a cab ($40) for a three-hour drive to the seaside resort of Kep, where the Gulf of Thailand nearly laps against the open-air beds at the Veranda Natural Resort.

Transylvania, Romania

Raft, hike, horseback ride, and rappel in deepest Dracula country.

Full of climbable cliffs, fantastic scenery, and vampire-chic lodging, Transylvania has become a sort of outdoor defibrillator for jaded Europeans. Book a white-water-rafting trip through the gorges of the Crisul Repede River or an “adventure weekend” of canyoning, rappelling, and kayaking. Back in semi-civilization, stay at the Kálnoky Estate’s guesthouses in Miklósvár, where proprietor Count Kálnoky (his real title) can organize riding and hiking expeditions.