Fishing in Beautiful British Columbia

The winding rugged coast of British Columbia spans more than 20,000 kilometers through the Pacific Ocean, which creates incredible opportunities for fans of ocean shoreline and deep sea fishing. There are a number of popular destinations for anglers along the coast of British Columbia, where salmon, cod and halibut are found in huge populations.

Depending on the type of fishing you prefer, you may want to spend your entire vacation in one location or move around sampling the opportunities at different locales along the coast. Charter fishing in British Columbia gives you the opportunity to see more of the area than you might otherwise enjoy. Chartering your own vessel for a vacation will provide the freedom to explore the coast freely without the limitations that a group charter might impose. This gives you the capability of designing an itinerary that suits your needs and interests. It can also allow you to take the advice of some knowledgeable locals who can direct you towards the prime spots.

The coastline waters off British Columbia enjoy a very long salmon fishing season. Every winter as the salmon return to spawn, the many islands along their migration path interrupt their journey towards the rivers where they return to spawn. This creates a surprisingly long salmon season that lasts from May to September.

In order to bring home a treat from the open waters of Canada you will need a Tidal license for saltwater fishing. You can apply for a Tidal license online from the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website, although in order to fish for halibut, you must apply for that license in person. The Ministry of Environment issues Non-tidal licenses. Through the license website, you can also download and review regulations for the season, to be certain you understand the rules in the region you hope to visit.

King salmon fishing in British Columbia is especially popular. If salmon fishing is on your agenda, you will need to pay a conservation surcharge in the form of a Salmon Stamp, the profits of which help to fund restoration projects for this species. If you are chartering a boat in Canada, or are using a package tour operator who specializes in vacation, charter or tour directors should be able to advise you on required licenses and other paperwork for your trip.

There are many companies that offer charter fishing in British Columbia. It is a popular destination for traveling, due to the beauty of the area, the abundant opportunities and waters in Canada, as well as the excellent facilities and tour operators that are available. British Columbia also has a lot to offer to any non-fishers in the party, so if you want to bring the rest of the family along then there will be plenty for them to do while you are off enjoying the water.

All visitors entering Canada are required to present a passport, even if traveling from the U.S. While U.S. citizens are exempt from visa requirements, it is required for other tourists, so you should check before you try to enter the country.

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