Top European River Cruises

If you have a limited time for your vacation, a cruise is a wonderful way to visit multiple destinations while avoiding feeling stressed out or rushed. If you love traveling and want to see Europe, a river cruise is an excellent getaway! Here are some of the top European river cruises:

1. Rhine River

The journey is a spectacular one, encompassing five different countries. Travel through the Black Forest region of Germany, a truly majestic region with fairytale castles. Often a stop in beautiful Amsterdam is included. This is a great way to see the heart of Europe without having to navigate train stations and taxis.

2. Danube River

Cruises can starts in Passau, Germany, winding through six European countries, filled with incredible landscapes, architecture and museums, before ending in Budapest.

3. Dnieper River

This is a spectacular holiday choice, with 17 days traveling from Kiev to Istanbul which for centuries was the meeting point of European, Middle Eastern and Asian cultures. It is perfect for exploring the many jewels of Eastern Europe, including Kiev and the Black Sea, as well as Sevastopol and Constanta.

4. Rhone River

A European river cruise down the Rhone is an excellent way to capture the essence of the Rhone Valley. Excursions can include a look through the former Papal seat of Avignon, wine tasting and visiting the casual bistros in Lyon.

5. Guadalquivir River

Travel through the majestic region of Andalucia, taking in the cities of Seville and Jerez, the wine and horse capital of Spain. It’s a chance to really discover the essence of the region and its culture.

6. Douro River

The Douro is one of Europe’s lesser-known rivers, running through some excellent wine-making parts of Northern Spain and Portugal. Start the trip in the historic citadel of Porto, traveling into Spain, before returning to Porto.

7. Elbe River

The journey begins in Berlin, travels through Dresden and incorporates some of the most opulent Baroque palaces and gardens in Europe.

8. Volga River

Sailing down the longest river in Europe is still something of an emerging market but its uniqueness makes it worthwhile. Immerse yourself for 13 days in the incredible history and culture of Russia.

9. Po River

This charming European river cruise encompasses the amazing scenery of Northern Italy and the romance of Venice. The Po Valley is awash with Renaissance art and architecture.

10. Gota Canal

One of Europe’s forgotten waterways, the Gota Canal travels through the heart of Sweden, traveling from Gothenburg to Stockholm with plenty of time to explore the beautiful northern landscape.