Adventure in Southern Arizona

If you seek adventure try a vacation to Southern Arizona. This dry, desolate area has been inhabited by humans for a long time, however, the climate has made it difficult if not impossible for the area to become over populated.

Southern Arizona hiking trails are really off the beaten path. Traveling by dirt road to The Superstition Mountains, you will find an endless area of mountain desert. Embark on a hiking exploration and you may stumble upon the Lost Dutchman’s Mine. The story goes that a miner brought millions of dollars of gold out of the mountain, never returned to the area and died before telling a living soul where the mine was located. Located near Yuma, Madera Canyon rises to 8,000 feet and is a great way to hike from the desert to the trees. The elevation can make this area really cold, so hiking is best done in the summer.

Ghost Towns in Southern Arizona are full of history and fun for everyone. If you have children, Tombstone will create a memory your family will not soon forget. Actors reenact the 1900 train robbery of the Wells Fargo Train. It can be a little cheesy for adults, but kids love it. Fairbanks is a true ghost town and people last lived there in 1970. Fairbanks was once a bustling mining and milling town located along the San Pedro River in Southern Arizona.

Some delicious wines can be found in Southern Arizona, with the grapes thriving at the 5,000 to 6,000 elevation in the Sonita-Elgin area. Producing a nice Petit Verdot, local winemakers man there own tasting rooms. There are 39 licensed wineries in Arizona. The area is lovely and if you want to miss the rush of tourist, avoid coming during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Overall, Southern Arizona is a wonderful destination for adults and children alike. Whether you seek adventure or a relaxing tour of wineries, Southern Arizona can accommodate you.