Health Insurance in Cuba

The Government of Cuba has announced that travelers will have to present proof of health insurance in order to enter the country as of May 1, 2010. Upon arrival, travelers may be required to present an insurance policy, insurance certificate, or medical assistance card valid for the period of their stay in Cuba. Those who do not have proof of insurance coverage may be required to obtain health insurance from a Cuban insurance company when they arrive.

Temporary residents will also have to hold valid health insurance policies.

Although proof of Canadian provincial health insurance will be sufficient for visitors to enter Cuba, your provincial plan may cover only part of the costs and will not pay the bill up-front, as required. It is therefore recommended that travellers purchase supplemental health insurance. Note that some private insurers also require the traveller to pay costs up-front and be reimbursed later. Travellers should note that Cuban authorities will not allow anyone with outstanding medical bills to leave the country.

All health insurance policies will be recognized except those issued by U.S. insurance companies, as they cannot provide coverage in Cuba.