Alaska Adventure Travel

Alaska adventure travel is becoming more and more popular every year. People love that they get the chance to explore Alaska’s immense wilderness various wildlife and at the same time are able to take part in some of the most exciting extreme and not so extreme sports on earth.

Some popular activities in Alaska are sea kayaking, whale watching and wildlife tours, camping, hiking, and especially white water rafting. Alaska is characterized by snow peaked mountain tops, majestic glaciers, rivers teeming with salmon, and overall, untamed, unparalleled natural beauty. Denali National Park is a must see for nature lovers. Booking a tour is often recommended as they can offer you the opportunity to get involved in a variety of guided hikes, gold panning, fishing, and more. Mount McKinley National Park is situated within Denali and the tours here offer incredible views of this amazing, glacier covered mountain. The mountain is also the highest peak in the whole of North America at an incredible 20,320 feet.

Kenai National Wildlife sanctuary is another wonderful area to explore during your Alaska vacation. The Kenai Mountains border this phenomenal refuge, with hundreds of glacier fed lakes, and a great diversity of wildlife species. Some wildlife species include brown bears, black bears, caribou, various species of birds, many different whales, seals and much more.

If you plan on visiting northern Alaska and the Artic realm, the Artic National Wildlife sanctuary, is definitely worth a visit. This sanctuary is home to several indigenous tribes, including the Gwinch’in people and Inupiat people, who survive solely on the natural resources within the sanctuary and have maintained much of their traditional culture.

Alaska adventure travel is the perfect way to get closer to nature. On an Alaska adventure vacation you can experience one of the most divine ecosystems on the planet, discover a new and fascinating culture and try your hand at some exciting outdoor activities all in the same trip!