Nepal Adventure Travel

Nepal is a small country in neighboring to India. It is a very popular and much loved destination for adventure enthusiasts & trekkers with its majestic Himalayan mountain peaks and fascinating local traditions. Every year thousands of visitors flock to Nepal to discover this wonderful destination and to embark on Nepal trekking tours.

Adventure enthusiasts will marvel at spectacular vistas from high mountain peaks in the mighty Himalayas. Eight of the of the fourteen highest mountain peaks above 8000 meters are located in Nepal and Nepal is home to over 1300 peaks above 6000 meters. For this reason, Nepal is a trekker’s paradise. Trekking in this country gives travelers a wonderful opportunity to explore its untamed natural beauty and discover its unique cultural traditions.

Trekking tours in the Himalayas of Nepal also provides travelers the perfect setting to try out some other adventure and sport activities like mountain climbing, mountain biking, rock climbing, peak climbing, hiking, and more. Nepal has been a preferred destination of mountain climbers and rock climbers for a number of years. There are well over 100 mountain peaks open to mountain and rock climbers in Nepal including Mount Everest – the highest mountain peak in the world. The numerous challenging mountains have drawn climbers from all over the world.

Some other popular adventure activities in Nepal also include white water rafting and kayaking. Travelers can view Nepal’s majestic mountains from another perspective and enjoy the countries natural setting far from the overrun, well-traveled paths. Many adventure enthusiasts also enjoy jungle safaris, riding through the jungle on a jeep or an elephant. For wildlife enthusiasts, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Nepal are home to a variety of rare animals including royal bengal tigers, one-horned rhinos, musk deer, wild yak, snow leopard, Himalayan black bear and wild elephants.