Preparing for a Backpacking Adventure

If you are desperate to get away but only have a few days to spare a backpacking adventure may be the perfect solution. Backpacking adventures are often much simpler to plan and offer a nice break from ones everyday routine. Here are some tips for how to prepare for a backpacking holiday:

Before you start to plan your getaway, decide how long you have. If you plan on being going for only a day, a daypack should suffice. However, if you’re planning a multi-day backpacking adventure, you should opt for a larger bag. When choosing your backpack, keep a few things in mind. Your backpack should come with strong, sturdy shoulder straps. Try on the backpack and make sure that it isn’t clunky or awkward; you should be able to walk comfortably with it on your back. In addition make sure your backpack has enough padding and curves in order to protect your collarbone from chaffing.

When selecting your backpack, make sure the zippers are strong and durable. Your backpack should also come with a good waist strap. A waist strap is essential as it takes much of the weight off of your shoulders so you don’t get as tired. Don’t pick a bag based on the price tag; make sure that the backpack is made of quality material even if it costs more. (Imagine having your backpack give out in the middle of your vacation!)

Now that you have your backpack, here are some things you should remember to take with you. First and foremost is water. Don’t get dehydrated; make sure that you bring a sturdy water bottle with you on your vacation. Depending on where you are traveling, you may need to bring iodine tablets with you to treat the water. Bring a sufficient amount of iodine tablets if the water does need to be treated, as you cannot carry all the water you will need on your adventure and will need to fill up periodically.

If you are planning to go backpacking through the mountains, and won’t have access to grocery stores or restaurants, you will need to pack some food. A good way to do this is to pack each meal separately to save space in your bag. Always pack a little extra food just in case. Bring a good pair of comfortable walking shoes and clothes that are appropriate for the destination you’re traveling to.

Keep in mind that your preparation will greatly depend on the location you choose for your backpacking adventure. Check the areas type of terrain and weather conditions. Be sure to perform as much research as possible before you depart in order to ensure your experience is fantastic.

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