Culinary Magnificence Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

A meal on the Rocky Mountaineer train is truly an experience like none other. The coach alone can rival many of the city’s finest restaurants in terms of elegance, grace, comfort and style. The bi-level glass domed coach offers stunning panoramic views from the upper level and an intimate dining room setting.

Onboard Rocky Mountaineer’s GoldLeaf Service, guests are treated to three-course a la carte meals, complete with white linen tablecloths and napkins, polished silverware and fresh cut flowers on the main level. It’s more like a five-star fine dining restaurant on wheels. Menus feature a selection of local cuisine -from prime Alberta beef and famed west coast wild salmon, to pork tenderloin with onion compote -accompanied by award-winning wines from the renowned Okanagan Valley.

At the helm of the moving kitchen is French-born Frederic Couton. The executive chef trained at some of the most exclusive Michelin Star restaurants, honing his culinary skills in the kitchens of the Hilton Paris and Geneva. His culinary skills then took him to other five-star restaurants in Montreal, Bangkok and Vancouver. Prior to joining Vancouver’s prestigious Cannery Seafood Restaurant in 1996, Couton held the position of executive chef at the esteemed British Columbia Club.

Over the years, Couton has amassed many international awards in culinary competitions at home and abroad. His latest achievement is a cookbook masterpiece published in 2006 outlining his outstanding creations as executive chef of The Cannery Seafood Restaurant.

Couton and his team of three world-renowned chefs -Joseph Lassaga, Jean Pierre Guerin and Raoul Prigent – will tempt and surprise you every time with their gastronomic genius. They create menus using ingredients indigenous to B.C. and Alberta. Each day, these culinary masters prepare dishes that are both mouthwatering and pleasing to the eye … all your senses will be enticed. Couton went on to explain that the chefs spend time to artistically plate each meal because they believe food is an all encompassing experience.

Meanwhile, all of its signature sauces and dressings are prepared at the Rocky Mountaineer kitchen in Kamloops and brought on board every second day, ensuring the freshest ingredients possible. But your elegant dining experience doesn’t stop with exceptional fare. Dining on the Rocky Mountaineer is a magnificent experience with the finest wines and gourmet menu in an opulent, sophisticated atmosphere. Whether you are on a one-day or eight-day trip, Couton and his team promise to tantalize your taste buds with outstanding cuisine.

P.S. You will also come back for the impeccable and friendly service that makes the dining experience even more memorable.