Top Five Luxurious Family Getaways

Family vacations are fun—there’s nothing better than planning a weekend out with your spouse and your offspring. However, especially if you have more than one child, things don’t always go as perfectly as you’ve planned. By day four (later if you’re lucky) your kids will probably be pulling each other’s hair, and you might be pulling your own hair out of frustration because you’ve gone way beyond the budget.

People think that all-inclusive packages are the answer for all of these problems. We’re a step ahead. Below are the most luxurious vacations that each member of your family (kids included) will enjoy.

Experiencing Paris without the compromise

Paris is one of the best places to visit if you’re traveling with your family, but it’s not exactly as romantic if you’re going there with kids. There are bound to be ice cream stops and trips to the amusement park which will make you lose out on an opportunity to hit the spa. On the other hand, kids will probably not enjoy a Paris dinner at one of the city’s swanky restaurants—especially if they’re not allowed to run loose.

The best way to enjoy the best of both worlds while you’re in Paris is to book a room at the Le Meurice’s in July. Why? Aside from the hotel’s world-famous views, a carnival also parks directly across the hotel. Seated on the edge of Tuileries, tots enjoy their view of Paris from the carousel. Resltess adolescents, on the other hand, can enjoy more daring rides like the Ejector Seat.

The hotel staff, which usually won’t allow kids to run around their lobby, conduct activities for kids like treasure hunts. While the kids are kept entertained by the staff for an hour, parents can enjoy the alone-time at the Le Meurice’s Caudalie spa.

In the room, you’ll also find toy boats, puzzles, robes, kiddie menus, and even a British cable channel designed for toddlers. The Family program for this hotel starts at $2000 a night.

Bearable Disney Vacation

What do you do when your kids ask you for a trip to Disneyland? Sure, you’re prepared to spend a good amount of money because you’ve been saving up for it for the whole week. But are you prepared to immerse yourself completely in the world of Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of the Disney characters?

You don’t really have to do that because if you stay at Grande Lakes, which is very near Disneyland, can satisfy not just the kids but you, too, once the park closes down for the night. The place has a lot of amenities to boast of, including pools, a golf course, a spa, and eleven restaurants including Starbucks.

The service is also very impressive, with the front desk arranging your Disney guide for only $125, your babysitter for the night, and providing door-to-door limo service. You can book two connecting rooms with the Grande Lakes for $360 a night.

Pulling an Effortless Vacation at a European Villa

While renting a European villa seems like a perfect all-adult vacation, you’d be surprised by what the hosts at Homes Away can do. Not only will they be able to dodge scam packages which offer Tuscan villas that don’t really exist, but they can also anticipate fun activities for the kids.

You can enjoy the perfectly mowed lawns, impressive pools, and pristine houses, and never worry that your kids will throw a tantrum because they’re bored. The activities for the kids here are definitely interesting, from pizza making classes to riding a hot-air balloon over the vineyards. With these spontaneous outings, you’ll be living like the locals, only with more flair.

The average cost of a three room villa for a week with Homes Away is $8000.

Swanky Caribbean Villa with the Kids

You might think that a weekend at the Caribbean is only for romantic partners or adults who are looking for a break away from work. Think again, because a Caribbean vacation can be pretty perfect for kids as well if you book at the Mystique. While the resort is also the favorite of Mick Jagger and Princess Margaret, it’s also a kiddie paradise in disguise.

Twenty villas can be rented by you and your family, and quite a number of them have amenities especially for children. For example, if you want snooker tables for your teens, you can rent the Frangipani. The Yemanja, on the other hand, has a newly constructed tennis court and separate bunk houses for the boys and the girls.

If you’re bringing a baby, though, then the Sea Star is a good pick. You don’t need to worry about the noise. The rooms in this villa are a good distance from the pool.

Cruising for General Patronage

Many cruises don’t even allow kids below 12 on board. The Crystal is different, because they have activities which are designed especially for your little tykes. Who says you need to give up the idea of going on a cruise until your kids turn 12? With the Crystal, you can enjoy the experience together.

While they don’t publicize this fact, Crystal is one of the best cruise ships you can sign up for when you need to travel with kids. Aside from the babysitting services and the allotted playrooms, directors for the Junior activities also have things piled up for kids three to seventeen years of age.

How do you get this sweet deal? All you have to do is book during the school vacation. The crew will break out the Play Doh, conduct “Crystal Idol” contests, arrange pajama and movie nights, and teach everyone how to make cookies in the ship’s gallery.

The greatest part of this cruise it your kids actually get to meet the captain on his bridge. No adult has been given this privilege since the 9/11 incident. The cruise lasts for seven days. The rate for this cruise starts at $3,145. It’s quite pricey, but it might actually be cheaper than a number of all-adult cruise tours.