Spotlight on Jasper, BC

Sightseeing tours of Jasper by train reveal that not much has changed with this historic and natural Canadian landmark. Even with the addition of highways and the railroad, those who arrive for vacations will experience Jasper National Park very much as it was when David Thompson, Canada’s great fur-trade-era explorer, first saw it. Established in 1907 on the eastern slopes of the Rockies, Jasper National Park is part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At over 10,800 sq. km, the Park is a living example of a protected mountain ecosystem that allows those who tour or come for a vacation to enjoy solitude, wildlife, outdoor recreation and a wide range of learning opportunities. Within the boundaries of Jasper National Park there are also five National Historic Sites, a heritage Railway Station, approximately 500 archaeological sites and a Canadian Heritage River, the Athabasca.