The Magical Mediterranean

From Barcelona to Istanbul, tales of Mediterranean history capture our imagination while idyllic, sun drenched islands, dramatic coastlines and picturesque scenes make this one of the world’s most romantic destinations. In a recent Ensemble poll, the top three romantic spots chosen were the Greek Islands, French Riviera and Venice. Next came the island of Mallorca followed by a tie between Italy’s Amalfi Coast and Spain’s Costa Del Sol. All are romantic places where you can escape to la dolce vita – the sweet life. Be captivated by the romance of the Mediterranean on a vacation like no other.

There is something magical about the Mediterranean and its lifestyle. The sense that this is a very special place is confirmed by the long and legendary history. The birthplace of Western Civilization impresses both the tourist and history aficionado alike with its wealth of historic sights, art and architecture. The weight of history can be overwhelming at times but there’s always a delightful spot where you can stop and reflect while enjoying a local specialty.

This combination of a rich history and cultural life, stunning scenery and a leisurely paced lifestyle makes the Mediterranean a captivating vacation destination. Many people return year after year not only because there is so much to see but because they enjoy the Mediterranean way of life which respects values often lost in today’s world – the importance of siesta or napping, daily socializing and the worry-free attitude of taking things as they come. Escape is the essence of romance and the Mediterranean region offers an idyllic escape.