Tips for Travelling with Pets

When asked for tips for traveling with pets, Kimpton Hotel pet ambassadors had these recommendations:

1. Always have fresh water on hand. We pets don’t mind drinking right out of the bottle.

2. Have pet tags. Make sure pet identification tagsinclude our final destination information and, forinternational trips, bring official proof of rabies vaccination to avoid any problems at the airport.

3. There’s no place like home. Bring us pets some items from home so we are familiar with the scent. This cuts down on anxiety when traveling.

4. Bring a leash. While I may be allowed to roam in the hotel lobby during wine hour, my human is always careful to obey the leash laws wherever we travel.

5. Pre-trip preparation. Prior to the big trip, be sure to give us pets a bath and trim our nails. We wouldn’t want to rip the upholstery in the new car or at a pet-friendly hotel.

6. Give pets a test drive. Some furry friends may not like the car, so drive around for a quick trip prior to taking a long road trip.

7. Enjoy! Do some research prior to the trip to ensure your hotel is pet-friendly (like ours) and that there are plenty of places to walk and exercise us — it’s your pet’s vacation, too!

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  1. Well, Traveling with a pet involves added than just loading the beastly in the aback bench and motoring off—especially if you will be driving long distances or plan to be away for a long time. Keep your pet secure in an approved crate or carrier during your trip.

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