How to Choose a Cruise

So many ships, so many destinations, so many special offers: Deciding on the best cruise for your next vacation can seem overwhelming. With the right decision comes a wonderful experience combining exciting ports of call, the serenity of being at sea, fine dining, a variety of entertainment and recreational activities and outstanding service – all with unpacking just once. Here’s a brief guide to sorting out the details that will assist you and your agent in finding the right cruise.

It’s All Included

From budget to ultra deluxe, every cruise includes stateroom accommodation, meals, entertainment and travel to exciting ports of call with quality and levels of luxury rising along with the price.

Good news — cruise lines have a variety of excellent offers this year to help make your dream cruise even more affordable.

However, no two cruise holidays are the same and there is a lot of choice out there. To get the most out of your cruise, you need to know what you are looking for in order to find the one that will suit you the best.

In order for your agent to narrow down the possibilities, know the answers to these ten basic questions.

• Where are you thinking of cruising?
• When do you want to go and how much time do you have?
• Are you travelling solo, with your partner or family?
• For families, how old are the kids and do you need babysitting?
• Do you want to relax while on board or is it more important to have a wide range of activities or a good enrichment program?
• Do you want a port-intensive cruise to discover the region, or one with more sea days to enjoy the ship?
• Do you have any health issues that need to be taken into consideration or are you looking for particular spa or health treatments while on board?
• Would you like to dine early or late or do you need to be flexible about dinner time?
• Will you be celebrating a special occasion?
• What is your price range for this vacation?

Deciding what’s most important for your vacation then balancing all the factors is key to finding the right cruise. It can take a lot of careful research and help from your agent to come up with the best solution. The quest is definitely worthwhile as the right cruise can be the best vacation you have ever had, taking you in pampered luxury to new and thrilling destinations.

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  1. Cruises provide a great way to for you and your family to escape for a while. Whatever sort of experience you’re looking for, romantic, adventurous, fun – the cruise industry can provide.
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