Adventure in New Zealand

New Zealand is a land of fantastic diversities and offers adventures on the water, land and in the air. A huge range of adventures are available – everything from walking and hiking, bicycling, ecotourism, zoos and wildlife parks, to skiing and snowboarding in the wintertime.

Here are a couple of handful of adventure travel tips for the North Island of New Zealand – some activities and adventures are not for the faint hearted visitor – so be aware of the following:

Zorbing in Rotorua
Kiwis are famous for their strange inventions; one of them is called zorbing. You are locked inside a giant transparent ball and then pushed down a hill. This adventure is loads of fun; however I do not recommend eating a big plate of pasta beforehand. Big mistake!

Diving at Poor Knights Islands
This is one of the top ten dive sites in New Zealand. The Poor Knights are home to many beautifully colourfed fish. Dive around sunken shipwrecks and see how many different types of fish you can count! This is a great diving spot for divers of all levels.

Caving at Waitomo
The Waitomo Caves are a great place to work test any fear of confined spaces. There are many different caves to choose from and lots of activities. Try abseiling, blackwater rafting or just admiring the strange yet wonderful rock formations.

Hiking in New Zealand
One famous hike is the Tongariro Crossing at Tongariro National Park in the heart of the North Island. However, there are many great hikes and different terrains in New Zealand. Chances are that you will get wet and dirty as rain is fairly common, even in the summer, and the trails tend to be quite muddy. So, come prepared!

New Zealand offers a wide variety of fantastic adventures and cultural attractions nationwide such as museums, art galleries, thermal resorts, food and wine tours, uncountable restaurants and wineries where you can rest and unwind from an exhilarating day of adventures wherever you happen to be.

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