Touring Ladakh by Bike

Ladakh is a part of Jammu and Kashmir in India and is situated at an altitude above 10000 ft. It is also known as Little Tibet. In the summer the climate ranges from 15ºC to 30ºC in the day and the nights tend to be below freezing level. Most of the inhabitants of this region are Buddhist and they follow Tibetan culture. Tourism is one of the increasing scopes of income for people in Ladakh. It is the second coldest inhabited place in the world.

Touring Leh Ladakh on bike is an amazing experience for people who love an adventure. Ride through beautiful villages and past Buddhist temples and gaze up at breathtaking snow-capped mountains as you tour this amazing region.

Best time to tour Leh Ladakh is from June to September, as the weather is much nicer. It is always recommended to hire a good bike tour operating company rather than simply going on your own. At times it can be very difficult to ride as the roads tend to be rough and will be unfamiliar to you. Tour companies have an extensive knowledge of routes and will analyze the conditions every morning to ensure that you don’t travel down a blocked road. Also, tour companies often bring along a support car for luggage which makes your ride much more comfortable.

Riders touring Leh Ladakh must be excellent bikers. This is not a route for beginners by any means.