Kayaking Desolation Sound

Canoe and kayak vacations in BC are unforgettable. The different mountain ranges act as backdrops painting a canvas of blues and purples, the forests are a melting pot of greens and the lakes are hues of azure and deep navy blues. For sea kayaking, the BC coastline with the Pacific Ocean at its door forms long, deep fjords and inlets that are teeming with fish and the lands are abundant with wildlife.

Desolation Sound is a sea kayakers paradise. Paddling amongst the towering mountains of the British Columbia Coast Mountain range is a truly awe inspiring adventure. Desolation Sound has a Mediterranean climate which makes it the perfect place to paddle in May, June early July and September where you can count on having the best weather on the coast.

Carved into the inaccessible wilderness of the Canadian mainland over the ages, the soaring peaks of the coastal mountains tumble to the waters edge in a jumble of river mouths and small islands. The rugged terrain has stopped any road access into Desolation; kayaks are the best way to visit this majestic and unspoiled area. There are few places on earth as stunningly beautiful as Desolation Sound. This is kayaking trip where you spend more time looking up than looking down. The calm waters make this ideal for first time paddlers and the rugged mountian vistas make it suitable for anyone looking to experience some of Mother nature’s most amazing works of art.