Great Coffee, Great Food, & More Coffee…

The Pike Place Market is world famous – if you haven’t heard about the fish being tossed around and the buzz of the most lively employees on this side of the continent, you’ve been missing out. It’s nearly impossible to be down when you’re around such a lively place. The food is incredible, and the fresh produce is to die for.

In and around where Pike St and First Avenue intersect, you’ll find an array of shops and cafes that you can’t find anywhere else. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese is on the corner, and you can’t resist the smell of freshly made cheese. Their flagship cheese is melt-in-your-mouth good and comes in regular or smoked. Other irresistible cheeses are Marco Polo, with Madagascar peppercorns, No Woman, with Jamaican jerk spices, or there’s always their very fresh cheese curds!

You can’t miss Le Panier either – with the aromas of buttery croissants and pastries wafting out of their doorway. Try one of the framboise croissants – a croissant filled with raspberry jam, and still warm.

And finally, if you’re down at Pike Place, you can’t miss the Original Starbucks. Guaranteed that the line will be out the door, but it’s definitely worth it to get inside. Don’t pull any of the specialty items off the shelf – they have them behind the counter ready to go. These items include at home and travelling mugs with the original Starbucks logo, as well as the Special Reserve Pike Place blend of coffee – a must if you’re a coffee fanatic.

Eats and Treats

As if there wasn’t enough food at Pike Place Market, Seattle offers some of the most incredible restaurants and experiences. Lola is a quaint little restaurant about a five minute walk from Pike Place on 4th Avenue. With a reputation for having some of the most incredible breakfast in the city, it’s no surprise that you should make a reservation. The made-to-order donuts arrive at your table fresh with vanilla mascarpone and marmalade. Eat them before your meal – not because they’re filling, but because it’s best to do with a clean palate. They’re to die for. If you want higher-class dining, the revolving restaurant at the Space Needle gives you great food at a high elevation. They enforce a dress code, so leave the tank tops and muscle tees at home.