Trekking in Vietnam

Are you looking for an exotic destination for your next trek? Many people have found that Vietnam is a wonderful destination for trekking. Vietnam is characterized by tropical jungles, rolling green hills and lush, dense mountains. Much of Vietnam is feasible for treks, hikes or walks.

One of the most popular mountains for trekking in Vietnam is Sapa. Trekkers from around the world are attracted to Sapa by the mountains stunning natural beauty. Sapa is a perfect destination for both beginners and seasoned trekking experts. Hikes through the valleys are generally easier to undertake. For a more challenging hike, there are many steep trails near the village of Cat Cat. Another popular trekking area is Phin village.

Travelers going to the Sapa should be well prepared. The trails are often wet and can be quite slippery. The temperatures can become very cold, so warm clothing is an absolute must.

For an adventurous hiking experience, try the Hoang Lien Mountain range (nicknamed the Tonkinese Alps by the French) which is surrounds Sapa. This mountain range is located at the tail end of the Himalaya.