Tips for Trekking Abroad

Planning on going trekking or hiking abroad anytime soon? Here are some things you should consider before going on a trek. If you have your own trekking tips, feel free to share them in the comments.

1. Health: It is essential that you are in good health before taking any trip – especially trekking trips. If you decide to embark on a trek you should be at a high fitness level. Depending on where you are traveling to, you may need to have vaccinations for malaria, cholera, tetanus, typhoid or hepatitis. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, you should always carry your medication with you while trekking.

2. Dehydration: It is common for trekkers to get dehydrated. Make sure you take an adequate amount of water with you each day so that you have enough fluid to rehydrate. Depending on where you travel to, you may need to bring iodine tablets in order to dilute the water so it is safe to drink. Make sure you research the destination and bring an adequate supply of iodine tablets with you.

3. Footwear: Trekking is not a simple stroll through the park; you will be hiking through rough and sometimes wet and slippery terrain. For this reason it is important to bring a good pair of shoes or hiking boots. A poor choice in footwear can leave you with seriously sore and even injured feet. Make sure that the shoes are comfortable, with good arch support and have good grip on the soles.

Also, don’t forget to wear stockings or thick socks while you are trekking. Synthetic blended socks are great, as they are specially designed to prevent blisters.

4. Carbs: It is important to carry a good balance of food. That being said, you should always have a mix of solid proteins and carbohydrates in your food supply when you trek. This will supply you with the energy you need to get you through the hike.

5. Always bring a first aid kit with you.