Whale Watching with Orca Spirit Adventures

If you’re staying in the Victoria area, whale-watching is an absolute must! One of the best places to go for Victoria BC whale watching is Orca Spirit Adventures. Situated in Victoria’s world-famous inner harbour, Orca Spirit’s three-hour long tours take passengers into the thrilling waters of the Haro and Juan de Fuca Straits– the best location in the world for witnessing whales and marine life in their natural habitats.

Through the months of April to October, Victoria whale watching passengers have the chance to view the area’s resident pods, called J, K and L. There are over 100 orcas in these pods, which gives passengers a 95% chance of seeing an orca. They may see others types of whales also, such as Gray, Minke and Humpback. Other than whales, it is not unusual to also spot Elephant and Harbour seals, Bald Eagles, Cormorants, Dall Porpoises and Harbour Porpoises.

There are a wide selection of vessels to choose from at Orca Spirit. If you want a wet and thrilling Victoria BC whale watching tour, choose a Zodiac, which holds 12 passengers. The Zodiacs boast an exciting and safe ride and have full washrooms on board as well as comfortable padded seating. Orca Spirit’s fleet includes larger vessels as well, with luxurious interiors, 360 degree rooftop decks and surround systems for listening to the whales. The largest boats offer a full bar service and are available not only for whale watching tours, but also for weddings and parties.

Orca Spirit recognizes the importance of safe and sustainable Victoria whale watching practices, so they follow the strict guidelines set out by the Pacific Whale Watch Association. In areas of unknown or suspected marine activity, boat operators drive with caution and continuously look for marine mammal activity. They always approach whales from the side and never get too close–100 metres max. If they happen upon a whale by accident, operators immediately cut their engines and wait for the whale to pass. Guides also monitor the output produced by their depth sounders, sonar and exhaust systems.