Must See and Do in Portugal

>St. George’s Castle, Lisbon, is an imposing citadel captured from the Moors in 114. From the defensive walls visitors have a magnificent view of the city and the Tagus River flowing to the Atlantic Ocean. Not to be missed!

>Sintra is about a one-hour drive from Lisbon. (Train service is available from downtown Lisbon.) This historic city with its luxurious, green mountain is the former residence of kings and nobility. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site it is a must see for its palaces and historical residences, especially the Palace of Pena.

>Évora is the finest example of a city of the golden age of Portugal and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. About a two and a half hour drive south of Lisbon, here you’ll find The City Museum, The Temple of Diana (built by the Romans), The Capela dos Ossos (Bones Chapel) and the Cathedral. Sit outside in one of the many cafés at the Geraldo Square, sipping a glass of the local wine while watching the city go by.

>Óbidos which can be traced to 308 BC by the Celtics, is today a well preserved walled town with small houses painted in immaculate white, blue lapis and gold, the royal colors of the past. The local Pousada (historical inn) is an excellent choice for a delightful meal.

>Serra do Gerês in Northern Portugal is one of the best preserved mountains of Europe with spectacular scenery, fresh pure air, streams of pure water, and rare flora amongst the rich greenery.