The Rocky Mountaineer Experience

Once summer arrives, the Rocky Mountaineer experience, although already unique in itself, exposes even more of the hidden treasures embedded in British Columbia’s natural soul. With the same attentive personal service, the routine “ALL ABOARD!” salute, and all of the signature Rocky Mountaineer charisma–the summer season just makes way for even more brilliance. Several packages are available for the summer season; making every dollar worth even more. This vacationing season unveils the turquoise hues of the glacially fed Lake Peyto, boasts the emergence of the wildlife-awakening from their winter slumber, and ultimately, exudes the most breathless scenery.

The Gold Leaf Service features full-length dome windows for panoramic sites that, although viewable in the winter, are eloquently enhanced in the summer. Such sites include the notable exposure of the deep scars of the mountains-re-telling the stories of avalanches from thousands of years ago and the jaw- dropping revelation of a distinctive contrast in the green, lush valleys next to the overpowering mountains topped with crystal glacial ice.

Also, this award-winning adventure has just announced their new Silver Leaf Service as another unique way to experience Western Canada. This recently released service offers a middle-man option with the same in-seat hot meals and panoramic views as the Gold Leaf Service and a price comparable to that of the Bronze Leaf Service for such perks.

Whether you decide on the short and sweet Whistler sea to Sky Climb or the historically packed Journey to the West, any train journey creates an ambience for quality time that is difficult to cultivate in our fast-paced society. In the 2009 summer season, Alison Mcgill, Editor-in-Chief of Weddingbells Magazine, explains that, “There was no time for the iPhone, magazines, or books-the landscape and the gentle rhythm of the train had [her] completely rapt. It was a journey that quickly vaulted itself into [her] travel annals as one of the best and most unique vacations [she’s] ever experienced.”