Driving in Norway

This past July I had the pleasure of visiting Norway on a family trip through Scandinavia and the Baltics. On the trip I found that one of the best ways to experience Norway at your own pace is by renting a car and driving. There are a number of beautiful scenic drives in Norway and taking a car means that you can stop where you want, when you want. These photos are from our drive from Lillehammer (host of the 1994 Winter Olympics) to the lovely town of Lom.

When you’re driving through Norway’s countryside, time stands still. The country is characterized by lush valleys, rugged peaks and peaceful lakes and streams. Overall, Norway is absolutely stunning.

In order to rent a car in Norway you must have a full, valid driver’s license and be over 19 (or 25 depending on the rental company). The speed limit on highways is around 80 km/h. Be careful when you’re driving, and watch out for deer and sheep!

-Wendy Fougner