Sculptures in Scandinavia

This past July, my family and I embarked on a trip to Scandinavia and the Baltics. Throughout our time in Scandinavia we came across a number of breathtaking sculptures. Copenhagen in Denmark is, of course, home to the famous ‘Little Mermaid’ sculpture. However, I found several other sculptures much more powerful than the Little Mermaid.

My absolute favourite was the Gefjon Fountain sculpture in Copenhagen. Gefjon is a Norse goddess associated with plowing, agriculture and fertility. The fountain was inspired by the ancient legend about the creation of Zealand. In the legend, Gefjon is told that whatever land she plows in 24 hours will be hers to keep. Gefjon turns her four sons into bulls and works them brutally through the night. It is said that she plowed away Lake Mälaren, Sweden, creating the island of Zealand, Denmark. I found this sculpture profoundly moving and would recommend it to anyone travelling to Copenhagen.

In Oslo we visited the famous Vigelandsparken in Frogner Park. The park, envisioned by the sculptor Gustav Vigeland, is one of the most outstanding attractions in Norway. One our favourite sculptures in the park was the Monolith which is completely covered in naked human figures.

In this picture the kids are all standing in front of Vigeland’s bronze fountain. Around the fountain are sculptures of children and skeletons entwined and growing out of trees. These sculptures signify that from death comes life anew.

-Wendy Fougner