Highlights of Scandinavia and the Baltics

My family’s last trip together was quite an adventure. With nine of us altogether, including my two grand kids, it was quite hectic at times. I even ended up forgetting my bag at the airport one day! Despite the chaos, the trip was great overall. Here are some of the highlights in pictures.

Square in Riga, Latvia. On one of our days in Riga, we were walking through the city and came across this square. The pianist was absolutely amazing! We were all very impressed.

Island Fortress, Trakai, Lithuania. This is the Island Castle in Trakai. The entire fortress was a ruin until 1962, when it was rebuilt.

Stockholm, Sweden. People watching is one of my favourite things to do in any city. This square in Stockholm was just perfect for this. I grabbed a coffee, sat down on a bench and just watched people come and go.

Vasa Museum, Stockholm. This is a picture of Vasa, which sank in 1628 and was finally lifted in 1961 after 333 years. In the museum we discovered how Vasa was built, what life was like onboard a ship and how Vasa sank.

Water Closet, Talinn, Estonia. This water closet is made of black marble. Apparently it is the most expensive public toilet ever built in Estonia and was heavily criticized by citizens.

Vigelsparken Sculpture Park, Oslo, Norway. This is Bruce and I in front of the bronze fountain in the Oslo Sculpture Park.