Insider’s View With Tarek Mousa in Tel Aviv

Visiting exotic locations like Israel and Jordan can be a challenge to plan. Our On Location partners are here to help. They are local specialists who can customize arrangements to suit your needs making your vacation a seamless and enriching experience. Tarek Mousa and his team specialize in custom tours of Israel, Jordan and other countries in the region. Contact us so we can work with Tarek to arrange the ground side of your journey in Israel and Jordan, including hotels, sightseeing itineraries and transportation.

Visiting Israel and Jordan

“Israel and Jordan offer a wonderful inspirational travel experience.”

“The best time to visit is the spring and fall, when the weather will be most comfortable – March through June and September through November. For the lowest hotel rates, visit in the late fall and winter months – the beginning of December and the months of January and February. It is best to avoid religious holidays as many of the sights you will want to visit will be very crowded.”

“English is widely spoken which is a big help to our North American visitors. For Israel you will get a free visa on arrival. Currently Jordan charges US$30 for a visa when you arrive at the airport however this is subject to change.”

” The most direct flights from North America are offered by the following carriers:

  • Flights to Israel:

    From USA: Delta, Continental, US airways and El Al

    From Canada: Air Canada
  • Flights to Jordan:

    From USA:Royal Jordanian, US airways and American Airlines.

    From Canada: Royal Jordanian”

“It is easy to visit Jordan on an excursion from Israel. Clients have many options to take an excursion to/from Jordan crossing via land borders or taking flights. However, unless you only want to see historic Petra in Jordan, it is best if clients fly into Aqaba, Jordan and out of Tel Aviv, Israel, or vice versa, as this reduces backtracking.”

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