Insider’s View In Chile with Luz Nilo

Chile is one of the most fascinating destinations in South America. The many geographic areas provide a wealth of vacation options to choose from. This is where our On Location partners are helpful. They are local specialists; insiders who can help us customize arrangements just for you. Luz Nilo and his team are our On Location partners on the ground in Chile. In this article, Luz provides some helpful insight into visiting Chile.

Getting Started

“Chile’s geographical situation allows us to offer activities all year long and for all ages. Whether you are heading for the north of Chile with its dry deserts and amazing landscapes, the mountains of Patagonia or the Polynesian territory of Easter Island, you can visit year-round.”

“International flights arrive in the capital city of Santiago which has developed a lot over the last 10 years. There are new activities inside the city turning very classic areas into attractive spots during night and day.”

“Stay at least two nights to get the feel of the capital. In the downtown city visit the classical neighborhood, and within the metropolitan areas visit the wineries. These are just some of the must see locations in town. The close port cities of Valparaiso (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Vina del Mar are great options, just two hours drive away.”

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