Exploring Chile!

Our adventure through Chile continues with Luz Nilo!

Chile from North to South

In the north, we have the Atacama Desert which is the second driest desert in the world. It is known for its spectacular views, multicolored hills containing a variety of minerals and for having the clearest skies in the world, perfect for astronomical observation.

“In the central area, Santiago, our nation’s capital, offers many museums, art galleries, classic neighborhoods, plenty of history and tasty restaurants to enjoy the local and international gastronomy.”

“In the surrounding areas close to Santiago you can find a wide variety of wine valleys specializing in different grapes.”

“Further south you’ll find the beautiful lake district with its charming towns and Osorno Volcano, then the fjords and channels of our Inside Passage. There are glaciers to visit too, similar to Alaska yet very different as well.”

“In the far south lies Patagonia. Here nature is amazing and beautiful with mountains, lakes, channels, rivers, icefields and glaciers.”

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