Paris in November

Although it is much more traditional to visit Paris in spring, there are a lot of advantages to visiting in November instead. Paris in November is quiet, peaceful and reflective. As the temperature drops and the days grow shorter, the number of tourists drastically decreases. There aren’t as many crowds to fight and you have many of Paris’ treasures to yourself. In addition, November is not high season in Paris which means that flights and hotel rooms are much more reasonably priced.

November is a great time of year for visiting Paris’ many indoor attractions. The famed Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, Musée Rodin and Musée National du Moyen Age are all wonderful for art lovers and history buffs. Paris is also home to a number of wonderful theatres, churches and cathedrals. Notre Dame is the most famous and most popular cathedral, but no visit to Paris is complete without a trip to Sacre Coeur as well.

Shopping is another reason to visit Paris in November. Sales on fall items begin in early November and you can usually find amazing deals on shoes and boots. Later in the month, Christmas markets start cropping up all over the city. Market vendors offer all sorts of goods, such as jewelry, scarves, various crafts, leather goods, delicious treats and much more. Don’t miss the wonderful Christmas displays in the windows of Galérie la Fayette and Printemps (two of Paris’ department stores).

November is also a time of year when Paris has a lot of cultural events. Here are a few favourites:

Vin Chaud:

While this isn’t an event, we had to include it. Vin chaud is mulled wine served warm. Cafes and portable carts all over the city typically start serving this drink in November.

Beaujolais Nouveau Festival:

This festival begins at the strike of midnight on the third Thursday of every November. The festival celebrates Beaujolais Nouveau, a light, fruity wine that comes from a region south of Burgundy.

Festival d’Automne:

The autumn festival, which begins in November, is a festival of the arts. Throughout the month of November, as part of the festival, there is a number of film, music, theatrical and ballet performances.

Paris Photo Exhibition:

This year the Paris’ annual photography fair will be held from November 10-13 at the Grand Palais. For information on the exhibition, visit

Did we miss anything? What are your favourite November activities in Paris?