Adventure in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a wonderful destination, especially if you like active adventures. Whether you’re planning on traveling on your own, with a friend or partner or going with the whole family, Costa Rica has something for everyone. Here are some of the top activities:

Mountains and volcanoes

Costa Rica has a number of stunning mountains and volcanoes to explore. Arenal and Irazu Volcano are quite popular and offer beautiful hiking trails and amazing mountain biking. The lush Monteverde cloud forest is an incredible destination for hiking and biking, horseback riding and zip lining. Monteverde is currently in danger of disappearing due to deforestation and climate change. If you have the chance, definitely go and see it before it disappears!


Over time, Costa Rica has been shaped by winding valleys and canyons. This has made it a hugely popular destination for white water rafting and kayaking. Some of the most picturesque and exhilarating rivers include the Pacuare, Sarapiqui and Reventazon, which offer from 3 to 4 grade rapids. If you prefer surfing to rafting, be sure to check out Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. Puerto Viejo is a really popular surfing destination for everyone from beginners to experts. If you’re an advanced surfer, the Salsa Brava Reef is one of the best and heaviest surf spots in Costa Rica.


Costa Rica is crawling with all sorts of critters and is, therefore, a great destination for animal viewing. For bird watching the best regions are Sarapiqui, Turrialba and Cano Negro. If you’re fascinated by the unique and slow-moving sloth, visit the Sloth Sanctuary and rescue facility in Limon (located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica). For tropical butterflies, visit the Butterfly Conservatory in El Castillo (near Arenal). If you’re really enthusiastic about nature and have a few weeks to spare, the Sea Turtle Conservation Project is a wonderful project to volunteer with in Costa Rica.

Have you been to Costa Rica? What were your favourite adventure activities?