Lom Stave Church

One of the highlights of our trip to Norway last summer was visiting the town of Lom and the beautiful Lom Stave Church. Stave churches are medieval wooden churches constructed in the post and beam style. This old style of church is unique to the northwestern region of Europe and there are not many left.

Lom Stave Church is one of the most beautiful stave churches in Norway. Dating back to the mid-12th century, the church boasts the largest collection of paintings of any church in Norway. The oldest parts of the church were built in Romanesque-style and it was completely rebuilt to cruciform during the 1600s.

The area around Lom and the Stave Church is absolutely stunning. We rented a cabin with bunk beds for the kids, and where we could cook our own meals. There was lots of hiking around the area and trails for lovely walks.

Have you visited Norway? What was the highlight for you?