Tour the land of Peru

Dive into the ancient culture of the Incas and explore the majestic earths of Peru. Adventure into the lush Amazon rainforest, walk in the footsteps of the ancient Incas and savour the native foods. Whether you’re interested in nature, history, culture or food, Peru takes adventure to new heights. Never a dull moment, a tour to Peru makes a great way to travel the lands and experience the most of your trip. Whether you are a single traveller wanting to broaden your knowledge while making friends along the way, or travelling with a partner to a land with substance or taking your family on an adventure of a lifetime, there is a tour that fits.  
Surf the northern coast, climb the pyramids in Caral, explore the ancient temples and visit famous monuments.

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Surf the Coast:

Huanchaco has always been a resort city however its popularity for surfing has only increased in the last decade. The beach is 560km long and while the Humbolt current makes the water cooler and skies cloudier it makes the perfect spot for serious surfers.
Las Pocitas is a rowdy surf hangout in Mancora, 1,200km north of Lima making is a popular destination. Las Pocitas Beach has big rocks that form different sizes of pools, great for those kite surfing and windsurfing enthusiasts.
Lobitos beach is approximately 1,000 km from Lima and has amazing long waves. The best time to surf these waters is from May to October.
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Explore the ruins:

Peru has the oldest officially recorded pyramid in the world, located in Caral, Peru. At least ten remnants of pyramids have been discovered on the coast of Peru. Archaeologists discover more pyramid complexes as they continue to dig. One of the major concentrations of pyramids in South America can be found outside the city of Sipan.Tucume Pyramids: There are 26 structures in total however most archaeologists work has focus on Huaca Larga, Huaca One and the U-shaped “Temple of the Sacred Stone”.Measuring 2,300 feet in length the Huaca Large (Long pyramid) is the longest adobe structure known to date. Long corridors and divided walls partitioned the complex into what researches suggest are ceremonial area in the north of the building and a cooking and manufacturing area in the south.Huaca One (pyramid one) rises 98 feet high. It is a stepped pyramid with a long, high, narrow access ramp that makes several right angle turns up the body of the pyramid. A series of rooms situated at different levels which are accessed by ramps and stairways stand atop the Huacas one. These rooms are thought to have been living quarters of the Lambayeque elite.The Lambayeque Valley leads straight to the “Temple of the Sacred Stone” and then on to Huaca Large. The temple is a small U-shaped structure found to the east of Huasca Large. It is said that pilgrims had to pass through the temple in order to enter the complex.
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Manchu Picchu:

Located in the Peruvian Andes, Machu Picchu was hidden from the outside world for hundreds of years. The Inca Trail is a popular trip for many travellers wanting to explore new cultures and are ready for a challenge. Travelling in the footsteps of the Incas will test your mind, body and spirit; however the challenge does not come without its rewards. Once you reach the “Sun Gate” and Machu Piccu is in your sights, you’ll see the climb was undeniably worth it.  
Get out and experience the luscious lands of Peru.
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