Europe Bike Trip Part 2: Vienna

After exploring the Czech Republic we ventured into Austria and rode to its stunning capital, Vienna. Awe-struck by the architecture, we all instantly fell in love with the city. Vienna exhibits a variety of architectural styles from Baroque to Art Nouveau. If you’re planning on visiting Vienna, be sure to set some time aside to simply wander the streets and admire the buildings.
Once we had settled into our hotel and taken off our bike gear, we headed out for some sightseeing.  We began with Schönbrunn Palace which was a former imperial summer residence. The grounds are absolutely immaculate and the estate itself is enchanting. Next we visited the vast Museum Quarter which would take weeks to adequately explore.

After some sightseeing we decided to relax with a cold beer at one of the many outdoor cafés. When visiting Austria in the summer, make sure to sample “Radler,” a local drink which consists of Hefewizen beer and lemonade. The combination is unbeatable when you’ve spent the day under the hot summer sun! The food in Austria is beyond delicious, but don’t expect to find dishes that will help you sustain your weight class. However, riding your bike through the country is a great way to keep the pounds at bay, especially when you like to eat and drink as much as we do.

During the summer months of July and August, live music and theatre are projected on a large screen at Radhaus Town Hall. There are also a few stands that sell food and beverages in the area. After taking in some culture, head down to the Danube where you will find countless restaurants and bars lining its banks.

Overall, Vienna is definitely worth a visit and one of our favourite cities in Europe.