Europe Bike Trip Part 3: Bratislava

After spending some time in the lovely Austrian capital, we mounted our bikes and rode 79km from Vienna to Bratislava—the two closest capital cities in the world. The ride was flat the whole way which was incredibly encouraging for us amateur cyclists. The scenery was tranquil the entire journey, as we passed through endless fields of wheat.

Once we reached Bratislava we quickly changed out of our bike gear and wandered down to the old city. Like most cities in Europe, the centre of Bratislava is characterized by winding cobblestone streets lined with an incredible selection of bars and restaurants. We chose a lively spot in one of the squares and took in the life of the city while we enjoyed our dinner.

One of the highlights of our time in the Slovakian capital was Bratislava Castle. A visit to the castle is like taking a trip to another time. The castle itself is a masterpiece and features Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. In addition, the castle dominates the city’s skyline and provides a fantastic view of the city below. If you’re visiting Bratislava, a trip to the castle is an absolute must!

After a couple of days we climbed back on our bikes and began to ride south toward our next destination: Hungary.