Who would you love to sit next to on the plane?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit next to someone very famous? Or maybe you could sit beside someone from the past? We’ve asked everyone to think of the one person they would love to sit beside on a flight…past or present. Here’s what they had to say…

Barbara: A family member…

Starting with my husband, my daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren…because I never seem to have enough quality time to spend with them.

Bruce: Robin Williams

We were very fortunate once at Yuk Yuks in Gastown when Robin Williams (filming Jumanji at the time) dropped in for an impromptu one hour session. I would love to have him next to me for a long cross Atlantic flight.

Crystal: Johnny Depp

I have always been a huge fan of Johnny Depp. I find his movies incredibly interesting and the characters that he plays so engaging. I think that someone that can play such a variety of roles would be incredibly interesting to talk to…and let’s face it . . . he’s dreamy too!

Deborah: Bono of U2

First of all for his contribution to music and commitment to humanitarian causes. Second because I’m a big fan of U2.

Jude: Dalai Lama
I am going to say – the Dalai Lama. For his lovely sense of humour and capacity for fun. And, who knows, maybe inner peace and enlightenment is contagious. Who couldn’t use a bit more of that, right?
Lesli: Jane Austen
If I had tea with Jane Austen in the parlour I would be curious to know just how much her characters traits of independence, will and self-reliance mirrored her own at a time when it was not okay for women to have a brain.
Lucas: A Beautiful Woman

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to sit beside a beautiful person whom you can have an engaging conversation with to pass the time!?

Wendy: Queen Elizabeth

I would love to hear what her life has been like, her impression on the world as it has changed, what is has been like talking to the different Prime Ministers and dignitaries from around the world. I think she is an amazing woman.