Alux: A First Class Experience

By Wendy Fougner
Last January, Bruce and I escorted a corporate group down to Playa del Carmen and had the pleasure of hosting a special group event at Alux Caverna Restaurant. We chose the restaurant because of its spectacular, majestic setting and delicious cuisine.
Alux Dining Room

Located in Playa del Carmen, Alux is one of only three restaurants in the world that is situated within a cave. The cave is covered in thousands of stalactites which are unbelievable crystallized rock formations. Rich mineral water and limestone deposits within the cave have enabled the growth of these beautiful formations. The name of the restaurant is based on the Aluxes—mythical elf-like creatures from Mayan legends that seek out magical places to hide and play. Given the magical atmosphere of the caves, this name is quite fitting.

We reserved the entire restaurant space for the event. When the group arrived the setting was absolutely gorgeous. An acrobat performed at the entrance of the restaurant and people in traditional indigenous costumes greeted the guests. A lovely pathway lit with candles in paper bags led the way through the cave to the main room.

Alux Lounge

The evening began with a tour of the restaurant and its’ different rooms. We then congregated in the lounge area where we enjoyed appetizers and martinis. The chocolate martini was especially delicious! Before dinner was served in the main dining room, the restaurant put on an authentic Mayan performance by some local Indigenous peoples. The dinner itself was wonderful; all the food was perfectly cooked and beautifully presented. We enjoyed citrus shrimp, lobster tails, beef medallions, a number of lovely salads, fresh vegetable dishes and more. Afterwards, a DJ starting playing and the group hit the dance floor!
In addition to the stunning atmosphere and delicious cuisine, we were continually impressed with the lovely people who own and operate Alux. The owners were extremely gracious, friendly, helpful and warm. They were also incredibly attentive and detail-oriented, making sure that our needs were met and everyone in our group was happy.
Overall, it was a spectacular, first-class evening and we couldn’t have been happier with our experience. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone traveling to Playa del Carmen. Whether you are looking to enjoy some fine dining during your vacation or need a space for your family reunion or wedding reception, you won’t be disappointed with Alux!