Awe-Inspiring & Life-Changing Travel Experiences

Everyone has a few travel experiences that stand out as especially memorable, awe-inspiring or life changing. With this in mind, we decided to ask the Lloyds Travel team which travel experiences stick out to them as unforgettable.
Barbara: On Safari in Tanzania

A few years ago Barbara went on safari in Tanzania with Abercrombie and Kent tours. Barbara said that the extraordinary setting and the company’s expertise made it a truly unforgettable experience. The guide was very knowledgeable and was able to find all of the animals. At one point a family of leopards was camouflaged in a tree, but he was able to spot them right away. In addition, the small group size enabled them to get up close with the wildlife. Overall, it was amazing to see such unique animals in their natural habitats.
Bruce: Cruising Tahiti with Paul Gaugin
A trip that stands out in Bruce’s mind is a Paul Gaugin cruise through Tahiti. This was the first time that Bruce had experienced a luxury cruise. The destination was magical, characterized by spectacular beaches and crystal clear waters. The food and wine on the ship were absolutely amazing and blew him away. The combination of the ship experience and the location made the trip unforgettable.
Deborah: Kenya Safari Experience
An awe-inspiring travel experience that sticks out in Deborah’s mind is a weeklong safari in Kenya. She described the visceral experience of being surrounded by animals in their natural, wild setting. She observed lions on the hunt, barely visible as they crouched in the tall grasses. The giraffes were particularly breathtaking, their unbelievable bodies towering over the trees. Ultimately, it was inspiring adventure unlike any other.
Jude: Local Families in Bali

On a trip to Bali, Jude had the opportunity to visit local families in a small village. Jude was particularly struck by her experience visiting the home of one local woman. Her small house, which was home to a family of five, was elevated on stilts with chickens and goats kept underneath. The woman was very inviting and beamed with pride for her home. Jude was really affected by how happy and proud the woman was. She remarked that in North America we often take for granted how much we have, and visiting other cultures really puts things in perspective and makes us appreciate what we have.
Lesli: Gorillas in the Mist

One of Lesli’s most aweinspiring travel experiences was visiting the gorillas in Rwanda. Lesli described how the stunning, picturesque setting of Rwanda provided an amazing backdrop to the experience. She journeyed into the gorillas’ habitat in the Virunga Mountains in Parc de Volcan. Visiting their natural home and being so close to these amazing creatures was unforgettable. Lesli reflected that the gorillas are so human, in their behavior and expressions. Ultimately, this raw experience was completely unique and Lesli would return in heartbeat!
Wendy: Philippine Revolution

At 27 Wendy took a trip to the Philippines for a convention in Manila. At the time, President Ferdinand Marcos was still in power. The liberation movement was gaining momentum and it was suggested that the conference be cancelled, but Marcos insisted that it go on. During a slideshow of the Spanish invading the Phillipines at the opening ceremonies bombs went off in the distance and men burst in with machine guns. Needless to say the convention was cancelled. The government asked people to open their homes to conference attendees. Wendy and her family went to a woman’s house whose husband had been assassinated. The house was huge and tables of various dishes such as suckling pig were laid out. Wendy spent the entire night talking with the woman about Asian history, and this experience ultimately influenced Wendy’s decision to go back to UBC and take Asian Studies.