10 things to pack on safari you may not have thought of!

by Lesli Heron

  1. Bandana: to keep dust out of mouth/nose/eyes, a wet one keeps the head cool.
  2. Sun Hat with a Chin Strap: so it doesn’t fly away.
  3. Extra Toothbrush: in case you rinse with tap water.
  4. Safari journal/animal spotting guide.
  5. Ziploc bags: they’re good for everything!
  6. Shower cap to keep camera dust-free.
  7. Verbena wet wipes: keeps mossies away and keeps you smelling fresh.
  8. Headlamp.
  9. Sense of adventure.
  10. Someone special to share the experience with!

5 Things not to Pack for a Safari:

  1. Jeans
  2. Jewellery
  3. Clothing that is white, blue, animal printed and camouflauge
  4. Sweets/candies
  5. Expectations