Top Romantic Places for 2014

by Barbara Broadbent

San Francisco: the steeped streets, vintage trollies, eerie romance of Alcatraz and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge are all part of this unique and alluring city. Head north to the Napa Valley; pick up your bike to discover wine country, fabulous hotels and dreamy cycling routes.
Dalmatian Coast: Croatia is basking in the glory that is its own archipelago, the Dalmatian Coast. Experience life in a turquoise watery edge, island- hopping and lounging on golden beaches. Dubrovnik Extension offered.

Prague: This city comes into its own at night. The warm orange glow illuminates the city’s impressive buildings and narrow cobbled streets. In addition to the cycling trip from Prague to Vienna, there are also several new Czech walking trips.
Florence: The jewel of Renaissance Italy … a city for lovers of art and music. The city is filled with flowery green spaces, benches and quiet piazzas. It is also the gateway to one of the country’s most romantic regions, Tuscany

Cinque Terre: These colourful, fairytale villages perched on the side of a rugged cliff have a natural unhurried, calm and pure character. This is fueled by the modest luxury of boats and footpaths as the only points of access.

Cote D’Azur: The French Riviera hardly needs any help in getting people attracted to its glistening shores. This coast is one of the most revered in the world. Close by are lovely small hilltop towns and attractions…overlooking the glistening blue water.
Rome: The Eternal City’s ornate allure offers a part dream, part reality experience. The most impressive structures from the ancient world loom over lunching Romans canoodling over a shared prosciutto Panini. From Rome, Puglia is an easy train ride away.
Barcelona: Painters, poets, writers and sculpturers have graced the Ramblas of this fine city to capture its allure, its enchantment, its romantic heart. When a city becomes an artist’s muse, you know it’s something special.

Vaison La Romaine: It has one of the oldest markets in France, superb restaurants and wonderful hotels. You can cycle (or hike) to Seguret, Gigondas and the Luberon if you wish. Have a dinner in a lovely countryside restaurant not even mentioned in guidebooks!

Vienna: This magical city attracts travelers by its genius musical heritage, architectural magnificence and impossibly cozy coffee house culture. Arriving in Vienna after the Prague to Vienna cycling trip is worthy of a celebration.