4 Unexpected Destinations for Food Travel

1. Croatia

Croatia is a fascinating destination characterized by diverse cultural influences and geographic landscapes, and their culinary scene reflects this diversity. Located on the Mediterranean between Italy, Central Europe and Eastern Europe, Croatian cuisine varies based on the geographic region. 

On the Dalmatian coast, enjoy locally sourced seafood and delicious pastas. Sample food enhanced with fine Croatian olive oils, truffles or organic honey on the Istrian Peninsula. In Slavonia, home to Croatia’s capital city, try savory cheese pie, cured meats, and other Central European-influenced fare.

2. Jordan

Influenced by Arabian and Lebanese cuisine, and infused with many herbs and spices, Jordanian cuisine offers a variety of local specialties with interesting flavours. A popular culinary tradition is Jordanian Mezze, which features an assortment of small dishes shared communally. 

Small plates commonly feature dips such as hummus and babba ghanoush, salads such as fattoush (salad made with lettuce, parsley, and fried pita bread), and other tasty bites like haloumi (a mild cheese) and falafel. Another specialty is Jordan’s national dish, mansaf, a Bedoin meal made from meat which is simmered for several hours and served on rice.

3. Peru

Peru offers an eclectic mix of culinary specialties, some of which are more “traditional” to Peru, while others have been influenced by culinary traditions in Spain, China, Japan and others. 

One of the most popular Peruvian dishes is ceviche, a dish of fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices that can be served as an appetizer or a main course. Peruvian cuisine meets Chinese with the dish lomo saltado, a mix of beef, tomatoes, peppers, and onions, fried with soy sauce and potatoes and served over rice. Another favourite is rocoto relleno—stuffed peppers covered in melted cheese.

4. Scotland
Like England, Scotland’s cuisine is often equated with pub food—shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, mushy peas to name a few. However, there is much more to Scottish cuisine than this tired stereotype would lead us to believe. Ingredients in many Scottish restaurants are fresh, organic and locally sourced. 

Enjoy delicious salmon and sea trout sourced from the Hebrides, try wild boar, lamb, and venison sourced from the Scottish Highlands, and delicious cheeses and produce sourced from local farms. In addition to more traditional Scottish fare, many immigrants from India, the Middle-East, China and other destinations have brought other culinary delights, contributing to a thriving local food scene.