1. Involve them in the planning process

Involve the children with the decisions such as you’re going to travel to. You can ask them to give you a list of suggestions (or have them draw you a picture). For older children 7+ you can present this decision making process as an opportunity to participate with family decisions as well as learn about different cultures and places. Children are full of personality; an opportunity like this will present some interesting ideas.

2. Keep children entertained

Portable personal devices such as iPads or any other tablets  are a small price to pay for keeping children entertained. Tablets have the capability to play movies, music, games, books and can be used as an educational tool. Ensure you have some new apps downloaded before you head on your journey.

Tip: A tablet will also help free up packing space. Tablets are small and thin, and can replace all the spaced big heavy novels and other personal devices such as laptops.

3.Take extra snacks

Hungry children make grumpy travel companions. Keep an array of snacks on hand to satisfy even the pickiest little one.

4. Keep them involved

I came across a great tip in an article; it suggested giving your child a disposable camera and allowing them to take their own travel pictures. I love this tip. This is a great way for kids to create mental memories and photographed memories.