Ten Reasons to have a Destination Wedding



If you’re reading this, chances are that your Knight in Shining Armor just popped the big question! Congratulations on making it to the first step to becoming a blushing bride.

Now what? You’re excited, anxious and a little nervous. Don’t fully know where to begin and feel like maybe choosing a destination wedding would be the best option? Here are ten reasons why that might just be the best idea you’ve come up with yet.

1. Budget Friendly

The great thing about planning a destination wedding is that being away from your daily hustle and bustle will give you the option of splurging or staying within your specific budget. Whether it’s in the Alps or the Dominican, the possibilities are endless! And if you book during the slower seasons, you and your guests can save on flights and accommodations.

2. Photography

Picture the palm trees rustling, the ocean splashing and the sun shining on you and your handsome groom while you say your “I do’s”. Not only will you enjoy the view the day of your wedding, but you’ll get to keep this image forever. And let’s face it; you’ll enjoy flaunting those pictures around to your family and close friends.

3. Intimate

When planning a destination wedding, chances are that not everyone will be able to make it. The intimacy of your closest friends and your family will make your day all the more special.

4. Weather Guarantee

If you’re planning your wedding in the Dominican Republic, the chances of a snow storm are slim to none. You will always be able to find more information on your destination’s weather trend online. Wherever your destination may be, you will be able to track the weather and book your venue so that your wedding is guaranteed to be sunny and warm, just as you always pictured it.

5. Relaxing

Spending a few days before the wedding to enjoy your chosen destination is a plus. Not only will you get a wedding tan that every girl will envy, but you’ll also have the chance to relax and be stress free for your big day.

6. Involvement

If you’re planning your wedding at home, chances are that your groom’s sister, your Aunt Edna and your longtime friend Julie will all have a say in every little detail. When planning for a destination wedding, you’ll get to enjoy the process without the stress of anyone else’s opinions and wants.

7. Honeymoon

Not every newly married couple is able to go on an extravagant honeymoon due to budget restrictions. If you choose to have a destination wedding however, not only will you enjoy a few days of sunshine and relaxation before the wedding, but you will also be saving money on flights by staying in your wedding destination. Think of it as an extended honeymoon.

8. Wedding Packages & Planners

Letting your planner do all the work will be the key to enjoying the planning process. Because they specialize in weddings, destination venues will always have packages that they provide to their clients. These will include anything from the planner to the candle sticks and to the linens on your tables.

9. Groom

Wouldn’t it be nice if your groom was as excited to be planning a wedding as you are? Most brides don’t get to experience an involved groom. However, if you are planning a destination wedding, odds are that your groom will be just as excited to enjoy the vacation as you are and therefore will want to be more involved in the planning process.

10. Flexibility

The options are endless when planning your wedding in a unique destination. Everyone will be there not only for the day of your wedding but most likely for the remainder of the week. So enjoy planning for any day of the week, under a palm tree with sand between your toes, and coming up with creative ideas to make your day exclusively yours.

For help planning your big day, contact one of our Destination Wedding Specialists!