Adventure Travel: Cycling Vacations

Bruce and Wendy in Sri Lanka
Bruce and Wendy in Sri Lanka

Wendy has done several cycling holidays, several of which have been to Germany and France – as well as Eastern Europe including Slovakia, Poland, and Slovenia among others – as well as a trip through Sri Lanka. Each holiday has been incredible because of the slow pace compared to a driving, which allows for more opportunity to take in the country side, and to really see the local people as they work in the fields and vineyards. To be able to cycle past the people as they work and see the expressions on their faces and watch as they continue about their daily lives is a unique travel experience.

It is also a great way to travel while staying in shape! Bike tours will usually stop for lunch and you can enjoy some local cuisine. By the time you get back to your hotel in the evening, you are ready for a marvellous dinner followed by a deep sleep after all that food and exercise.

Traveling as a group (or family) also engenders a unique sense of camaraderie. Every member of the group can ride at their own pace, whether they are more experienced cyclists or prefer a leisurely ride; there is always bonding as the group looks out for and supports one another.

If you are looking for your own cycling adventure there are so many amazing options all over the world. Many countries have bike trails set up for the express purpose of cycling tourism, which often include different trails for different skill levels; Germany in particular has a comprehensive system that Wendy found impressive. From the high end companies such as Butterfield & Robinson to budget-focused independent travel, there is something for every caliber of cyclist and we can’t wait to help you find your perfect fit!

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